Wireless Bluetooth speaker

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Wireless Speaker for your iPad, iPhone & iPod

Simple design, killer sound. The Zooka Bluetooth Speaker has been created with the portability of a tablet, and high quality sound at the forefront of its design.

Tablets are made to move, adapt, and flow from one use to another, and "docking" a tablet or trying to turn your tablet into a desktop is limiting and counter intuitive.

So instead we designed Zooka to work with your tablet. It goes where you go, functions with your smart cover, and provides you with 5x the sound of your tiny, in-board speakers. Made entirely of silicone its simple to slide on any iPad. Design and Utility Patent Pending.


Zooka wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to the iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone, tablet or computer.


If you don’t have a Bluetooth device, no problem, Zooka has a 3.5mm audio input that allows you to plug-in any device without the Bluetooth function.


The design of the Zooka allows it to also fit perfectly on your laptop screen, enabling you to play high quality audio while surfing the web. And the cutout groove makes sure your camera lens doesn't get covered in the process.


The rechargeable lithium ion batteries support 8+ hours of streaming music, movie audio, web and digital content.

Take Zooka on vacation, to the office, poolside, a picnic, throw it in your back pocket and take it on a hike, take Zooka practically anywhere.


The Zooka can take a beating. The sleeve is made entirely of medical grade silicone, making it both durable and comfortable to the touch.

The silicone will also not scratch your tablet and will provides an ergonomic and comfortable grip for the lengthy movie or the quick grab and go situation.


As well as being rugged, we've designed Zooka in such a way to allow it to function perfectly without any mechanical or moving parts, thus adding to its portability and the durability of the internal components.

The silicone will also not scratch your tablet and will provide an ergonomic grip for the lengthy movie or the quick grab and go situation.


We are NEW, a design studio in Portland Oregon. We have experience designing quality audio products for large companies for years. One could say that by now that we know what looks good, and sounds even better. With all that knowledge, it's only natural that sometimes we get great ideas of our own, but we just don't have the capital to get them produced.

Zooka is one of those ideas, and we're really excited about it. So excited, that we've put in almost a year of work to get it this far. Now the rest is in your hands.


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    Solid, portable, bluetooth speaker

    March 15, 2013 by Courtney Svajian Recommended

    This speaker won't change your life or the world, but it's solid. It sounds good and it's very easy to tote around. I used it with my iPad and watched a movie on it. I really liked it. Thumbs up!

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    Good Speaker, Great Holder

    March 17, 2013 by Victor Sachs Recommended

    Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen now a days, what makes the Zooka unique, in addition to providing significantly enhanced sound than the basic sound coming out of your iPad/iPhone is that it serves as a great holder for the devices. It can easily do horizontal or vertical alignment, but we are hooked on screwing in the little metal rod that keeps your device upright at a great angle. Whether watching videos, typing emails, or playing games, it is much more comfortable than holding it in your hand, this is especially true for the iPad. Our only issue is that in this upright configuration, the Zooka controls are now pressed against the tabletop, meaning you have to lift it up to access the controls. This doesn't obscure the sound and is more of a minor annoyance but doesn't take away from what is otherwise a well designed product.

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    Nice, quality speaker.

    June 07, 2013 by Sakeena Barrett Recommended

    It is a good speaker. Great for when my kid wants to watch a movie or tv show on a mobile device. Good sound and love the look of the Zooka.