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The virtual reality gaming headset

Step inside your favorite game. Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality (VR) headset designed specifically for video games that will change the way you think about gaming forever. With an incredibly wide field of view, high resolution display, and ultra-low latency head tracking, the Rift provides a truly immersive experience that allows you to step inside your favorite game and explore new worlds like never before.

Designed for gamers, by gamers.

The Rift takes 3D gaming to the next level. There are a number of VR headsets out there, but none that deliver a truly immersive gaming experience. Most products either lack the technical features required for believable immersion or sit at a very high price-point ($20,000+) reserved for the military or scientific community.

We set out to change all that with the Rift, which is designed to maximize immersion, comfort, and pure, uninhibited fun, at a price everyone can afford.

The cutting edge of virtual reality hardware.

Even though the consumer version of the Rift is still a ways down the road, the early developer kit’s hardware design is cutting edge, with technical specifications above and beyond other consumer headset available today.

Technical specs of the Dev Kit

  • Head tracking: 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) ultra low latency

  • Field of view: 110 degrees diagonal / 90 degrees horizontal

  • Resolution: 1280x800 (640x800 per eye)

  • Inputs: DVI/HDMI and USB

  • Platforms: PC and mobile

  • Weight: ~0.22 kilograms

And we’re confident we can make the consumer version even more impressive, all without increasing price or sacrificing an ounce of quality.


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    Oculus- The paradigm shift

    September 21, 2013 by John Begood Recommended

    First impressions: the package case was very nice- very well packed, and includes a nice lens cleaner cloth.

    Ok, so I open the case and hook up the box to the computer and the oculus- easy enough. I find the lenses are adjustable and adjust to where my eyes don't hit the lens.... what to pick first to demo this? Oculus roller coaster of course!! I open the program and think to myself this will be interesting, I mean I had a viewmaster years ago and this is based on the same 2 eye 3d experience, so no big deal right? WRONG! Right when the coaster started up it was like I was there, I could look around, I could see everything as if I was there! as the coaster moved around the corner I about fell off my chair it was so immersive. In fact I stuck with it to the end of the track and ended up nauseated for hours like as if I was really at an amusement park!!

    This thing is life like! There are so many demos, and the technology is just starting with integration with sixsense and the other technologies like holodeck. This device is the wave of the future! The movie theater app is even lifelike! Trial of the rift drifter- another one, spooky and lifelike, you can nod yes and no and it detects you, you can look over to see who is hiding to the right or left like as if you are there. Try the one skydieving it's like you are really free falling down- this is just incredible and I can;t hardly wait to see new titles come about!

    Now for the flipside- it is not HD yet- but when it is it will be awesome! The gaming on this is a little different then you are used to- as far as aiming the gun it can be difficult. I tried this on Team fortress and I loved it, but I could feel some eye strain after playing a while and switched back to my monitor, I think again this is due to it not being HD yet.

    Will I recommend this?  Yes!!  By all means get one and experience the virtual reality of the future- if you think that this is like the old nintendo VR set- you are WRONG!!!!   this is just simply amazing!

    Royal Gipsy 10/07/13

    I would love to get one for free^^, i would use it to convince all of my friends. i already got to of them to order a developer kit but they wont share. and i amde a lot of people horny just by showing em youtube vids. best tech yet i think.

    Steph Barden 10/17/13

    The Oculus Rift looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on one in the future :)

    Colton Mulligan 10/26/13

    I want one so bad so i can play minecraft and othergames in the future of gaming will there be one forandroid Phones

    Francis Poirier 11/06/13

    It looks Amazing!! I can't wait to get one to play all sorts of games with it

    Jason Powell 11/29/13

    that's what amazing I want to play it too its awesome looking

    Ferdia O'Neill 12/28/13

    I want one so bad! I am a developer and would love to make games for the oculus rift but can't afford one :(

    Tobias Maneschijn 01/03/14

    i am taking game development lessons and it would be so awesome if i could get one so i can make some fun games

    Daniel Clemmer 02/25/14

    Do I have to enter a comment here to get a chance of getting one for free? I was told I could, and it'd be useful for all the programming a do if I want to target this

    璽書 陳 02/27/14

    I'm sorry my English is poor, and google translater is poor too, Please forgive me for using Chinese, 我先前了很多關於Oculus Rift的影片, 我十分希望能獲得一台Oculus Rift, 但他的價格對我來說, 是沉重的負擔, 這價格甚至可能影響我的正常生活, 我熱愛遊戲, 並且因為熱愛遊戲, 我也投身加入了遊戲開發, 目前也成為一名遊戲程式設計師, 非常希望能有機會能玩到Oculus Rift, if some one can help me to translate, Thanks ! Alot !!

    璽書 陳 02/27/14

    lost words T_T :我先前了很多關於... to 我先前看了很多關於Oculus Rift的影片

    Grant Peters 02/27/14

    I have been watching this thing for a while, and I must say, WOW. I would really like to get one and make a video review for it!

    Grant Peters 02/28/14

    Here you go man!^

    I have a lot of movies about the Oculus Rift, I am hoping to get an Oculus Rift, but his price for me, is a heavy burden, this price may even affect my normal life, I love the game, and because love the game, I have to join to join the game development, is also becoming a game programmer, very much like to have the opportunity to play

    Jantzen Ryan 03/01/14

    already shared it everywhere ugh i really want one but i wont be able to buy one until i get my job this summer :/ i figured why not try and get one for free eh its working but i hope i can get there :D

    璽書 陳 03/01/14

    thank's alot Grant Peters. I was watched a lot of the video about the Oculus Rift 0.0... when will i can get this Rift ? I Can't wait, I am fascinate in Oculus Rift now. even I never use Oculus Rift befor, I am fascinate in Oculus Rift !

    璽書 陳 03/01/14

    oh! is that free? I forget to ask. 0.0

    Grant Peters 03/02/14

    ^I think it will be when there is another contest.

    璽書 陳 03/05/14

    what time I can get this? when I move to 1st ? it could be possible to me? it's really free? I don't know yet, but I'm just still waiting, it's many noise in my brain.

    Grant Peters 03/06/14

    ^I think the next contest will be sometime in three to four months. And yes you could get one for free. :)

    Danilo Paranhos 03/28/14

    I need i'am a nerd poor, AND APRIL 27 IS MY BIRTH DAY I beg you!

    Tyler Bohringer 04/18/14

    i really want an oculus rift..

    i am tyler bohringer, i have been gaming most of my life. (since i could hold a controller) i own the super nintendo, the nintendo 64, nintendo wii, and nintendo ds. i would really like to level up my gaming experiances, for free if i can, i cannot afford anything over 20 dollars, and i am 13, so i dont have a job, i am not making money at the moment and if i cannot get one for free, i hope they lower the price so i can buy one in the future..

    Jarrette Turner 04/22/14

    how can i get the oculas rift free

    Cian Hrabi 04/30/14

    I'd love an oculus rift, I would make videos on youtube with it, I think this is sweeett

    Angela Bowens 05/02/14

    I would love a free oculus headset especially since I can no longer ride theme park rides. It would be amazing to get one!

    Syafiqah Aseggaf 05/08/14

    :((( i want itt :(

    Ryan Moos 05/30/14

    I want one of these so bad! I am a total gamer and I have recommended this to all of my friends. I, however, do not have the money to purchase one myself :( The Oculus Rift will be soooo amazing to own and I would be able to use it for my YouTube channel. If I got to test this I would let everyone I know try it and I am sure that they will buy it once they have used it. I am really hoping for a chance to try this out and I will actively review and use it for you if you do let me test it. Oculus Rift is the future of pc gaming and I really hope you will include me in the testing!

    Itsi Cruz 06/22/14

    I want an oculus rift so badly!!!

    Justin Antao 07/02/14

    I would love to get a Oculus rift mainly because i am going to be reviewing stuff on youtube and i need something to review so i would love one thanks.

    Ethan Bryant 07/25/14

    Hopefully you will include me in the testing, really want one but it costs a lot of money, and takes a long time, 3-4 months, then 3-4 weeks for delivering :/

    Kevin Vargas 08/07/14

    Would love one! But can't afford :\ but still this is awesome!

    Simon Savitt 08/31/14

    Is anybody here developing for the Oculus Rift? It seems like it would be a lot of fun to code for. I'd obviously need one in order to try developing for it, but I'm a broke college student and can't afford it right now. Oh well, hopefully there'll be another contest soon.

    Oh, and you guys can look for Meetups where people demo Oculus Rift in your area on meetup.com here -- http://oculus-rift.meetup.com/ *you're welcome

    Mohammed Abdullah 09/20/14

    i liked it , i wanna try it .....haha

    Cameron Hurley 10/02/14


    Larry Kes 10/10/14

    This seems interesting, I'd love to try out the oculus :D

    Liam McAdam 10/17/14

    I would love to try the oculus rift and show my support for the growing industry. I do not have the money to afford such an exquisite piece, and I can only hope my signing up for the waiting list will allow me to test it out.

    Chris Rex 01/03/15

    I would love to try and review this.

    Zach Fasolo 03/31/15

    I shared on my facebook, and my twitter. I hope i will be able to test this and show off your product.

    Luke Allison 05/06/15

    Man, I'd love to own one of these, I'd. make a review/ unboxing, I'll make moar gaming stuffs

    Clara Beltran 05/26/15

    I would love to test it and show it off to my school and change on how they play LOVE oculus

    Bryan Breining 06/15/15

    The Oculus Rift looks amazing! Can't wait to start create a new future :)

    Michalea Adams 07/22/15

    Need one for my brother how do i get one?

    Josh Myers 10/24/15

    That looks amazing, if I could get one my whole school would want one, that's just unreal.Good work guys!

    Anis Tunam 11/19/15

    can't wait to get mine hope it will work :D