Ninja Blocks
Environmental controller


Ninja Blocks let you control and build apps that talk to connected devices. 

Ninja Blocks are tiny cloud enabled computers that can sense their environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors & can affect their surroundings by controlling lights, power sockets, and other actuators. At the heart of Ninja Blocks is an Open Hardware philosophy that makes our electronics schematics, case designs and source code available to developers and students so that they can learn from them and submit suggestions and modifications.

Ninja Rules App

The Rules App is the simplest possible way to get the devices in your life talking to both each other and your favorite web applications.

Without writing a line of code you can create rules that . . .

  • turn on the lights & heater when I get home

  • get an alert when the washing is done

  • know when my washing is done

  • upload a photo to dropbox when someone is in my room

  • remotely turn my stuff on and off

… and much more!

Ninja Platform

The free Ninja Blocks platform makes it trivial to build web & mobile apps that talk to hardware. Get up and running in minutes, and begin talking to hardware & connected devices with the web languages you already know. Focus 100% on your app, and never have to worry about embedded programming, electronics, and networking protocols again.