Keyboard and mouse


Multi-touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in quality computer peripherals.

What are Multi-Touch peripherals?

Multi-Touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in computer peripherals. These elegant well made devices are composed of quality tempered glass, a solid metal base, and the finest components. They are designed using simple existing technology and have no moving parts. They have rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries and are completely wireless. The tactile sounds and lighting can be turned on or off per the users' preference plus they are coffee and doughnut resistant!

Open source software That's right, the software is open source! I believe in order to realize the true potential of a multi-touch keyboard and mouse we are going to need everyone's great ideas! Imagine a mouse that can select objects and zoom like an iPad or rotate puzzle parts while moving them to position, or a keyboard that can toggle from a standard keyboard to a tool to smear separate areas of color for each finger on an image. You might want to toggle your number pad off and dedicate that space to video-editing CAD design or music mixing. The functions of these spaces are limited only by our imagination!

The design is based on a touch screen technology known as FTIR or Frustrated Total Internal Reflection. There are basically infrared LEDs placed at the edge of the glass. In this case, they are hidden inside holes where the glass is mounted to the metal base. Because of the low angle at which the light impacts the internal glass surface, it is bounced around inside the glass, much like looking through a tube to see the reflections on the inside walls. When the glass is touched it frustrates the reflection and the IR light is diffused downward, out of the glass, allowing the camera to see it. Software then determines the location and sends the appropriate information to your computer.