Instagram picture frame


A Living Canvas for your Instagram Photos

The Instacube is your living, dynamic and beautiful canvas. The stand-alone device wirelessly streams images from your Instagram and Facebook account to its big, gorgeous display. Your days of squinting at tiny images on your Smartphone are finally over!


  1. Instagrams at Full Resolution. If you’ve ever downloaded your Instagrams to your computer, you’ll notice that they export at just over 600×600 pixels. We’ve chosen a display that matches that resolution, pushing your Instagrams to you just as they should be — in the moment they’re taken, and at full resolution. That’s why we’ve chosen to develop Instacube with a 600×600 LCD touch screen display.

  2. Runs on Android. We believe in open platforms to spur creativity and innovation. Right now we’re 100% focused on making the Instacube work seamlessly with Instagram so that we deliver the best user experience possible, but we hope to add new features and applications in the future and would love to eventually open it up to the developer community.

  3. Connects to Wi-Fi. The device runs on powerful WiFi b/g/n wireless data connectivity, so that you can untether it and move it wherever you want.

How it works

The Instacube has 3 easy tactile buttons for all functions.

  • One is for power.

  • The second toggles between your Instagram feeds and Facebook stream.

  • The third one allows you to “Like” the photos you love using the heart-shaped button. Bypass the ones you don’t using the touch screen display.

Set it up in 3 easy steps

  1. Plug it in

  2. Connect to your home wireless network

  3. Log in with your Instagram/ Facebook account and you’re done!

Using it is just as easy. Turn it on and your stream is there waiting for you. Use the touch screen to navigate through your stream just as you would on your phone.