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Never lose your keys again.

Never Lose Your Keys Again. My partner and I lose our keys almost every day, so we decided to do something about it. Hone for iPhone 4S and the new iPad 3 is Bluetooth low energy device for your keychain that lights up and audibly vibrates when triggered so you can find your keys. It runs for six months on an included battery and has a 150+ foot range.

How It Works - When you receive your Hone, put it on your keychain and download and launch the iPhone app. - The app and device will pair automatically. To find your keys, just tap the Find button in the app. - If you don't hear or see it immedately, walk around with the app open. Hone has a built-in proximity sensor so you'll know when you're getting closer or farther away.

Specs - Hone only works with the iPhone 4S and iPad 3. - The included CR2032 battery lasts six months, and depending on usage you may see better results. - The Bluetooth 4.0 low energy chipset we use has a range of 50 meters or 164 feet. Effective range can vary in real-world environments. - The case dimensions are 2 1/8x1 1/4x1/2in (54x32x15mm). Hone weighs just 0.6oz with battery.

Accessibility For the vision-impared, the Hone app's proximity sensor on can be set to audibly respond so you can hear when you're getting closer to the object you're looking for. The app supports multiple Hones so you can use the app to find all the objects you're looking for.

Hone Is Hackable Although we're focused on making the Hone app as easy to use as possible, we know people want to modify and play with hardware they own - and we think that's great! After Hone launches we will publish our device UUID and Bluetooth profile. That way, if you have a great idea for a hack that requires a Bluetooth low energy device with a long battery life, Hone should fit the bill.

Made In the USA As we explored doing this project, we realized it would be possible to keep production entirely in the United States - it cost a bit more, but not as much as we expected, and there are many advantages: knowing that the workers putting this together are treated fairly, increased control over and communication with our supply chain and simplified shipping and distribution.

We're not against global manufacturing. It's just that we saw a way to do things a little differently and bring Hone to market in a way we could feel good about.

Uncrate: "Spend less time looking and more time doing."

Wired: "Hone Means No More Searching For Keys"

Huffington Post: "Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Car keys? Uh oh. [...Hone solves] that common problem."

Mashable: "Hone, a Bluetooth 4.0 device and iOS app that makes finding your keys less stressful."

Cult Of Mac: "Thanks to its super low power needs [Hone can] remain functional for up to six months."


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    Yep, It'll find your keys.

    April 14, 2013 by Stephen Svajian Recommended

    I don’t frequently lose my keys, but when I do, it’s frustrating as all get out. I have a 2 1/2 year old at home that likes to hide things on me. He made a habit of putting my Fitbit and other things I like in kleenex boxes, which were thrown away with valuable goods inside. How do I know this? I don’t for sure. I’ve just seen him putting many things in Kleenex boxes, so I assume some of his ploys were successful.

    Back to Hone - Here’s what I like about it:

    • It’s super easy to set up; you just put the app on your phone and you’re pretty much ready to go
    • As advertised, it finds your keys

    Here’s what I didn’t like:

    • It’s a little bulky. It’s bigger than my key fob.
    • The sound is a little faint. If my keys are downstairs, then I’d have a tough time hearing the alarm. That being said, the app tells you when you’re hot and cold, so it’s not that big a deal.

    Additional info - I suppose it could find other things as well. Like, I could attach it to said 2 1/2 year old :)

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    find your keys

    April 19, 2013 by Heather Jones Miller Recommended

    This is a great product but the sound is some what low if you lose your keys in the couch might be hard to hear.The plastic dont seem to strong.Love the app very easy to set up and it does show if yor hot and cold. I think it a very good product.It does help you find your keys.

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    I LIKE ALOT BUT >>>>

    April 26, 2013 by Linda Boyd Recommended

    I really liked . But it is a little to big for my liking. It was loud enough for me to find. I lose my keys all the time. So I will continue to use. The worst place I have lost my keys was in the freezer and really why would I put them there? I checked to see if we had Ice cream when hubby was craving some. And the keys were in my hand and set them down in the freezer. It did take me a long time to find so maybe if I had this I could of found sooner .

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    A must-have for everyone!

    August 17, 2013 by Jen Ko Recommended

    Losing my keys isn't really a prevalent problem for me, but Hone is definitely a life saver when I do misplace them. The Hone is a little larger than I would like, but it's not a major issue since it's pretty light. You have to get an app on your phone to use it, and connecting via Bluetooth is very simple and quick.

    The sound it makes when you tap "find" on the app is loud enough to hear even if it is in a drawer in the next room. On top of the sound it makes, it also vibrates and flashes. The app shows a series of circles that will light up as you get closer to the keys (or dim when you get further). This probably consumes quite a bit of battery so if you're someone who loses their keys often, I doubt the battery will last 6 months. I only used the app to find the keys once, and the battery icon on the app shows 3/4 bars already (though not sure how accurate it is).

    I would recommend the Hone to anyone with keys- even if you don't lose your keys often. It's a really good device to locate your keys when you do lose them without stressing out. You could also attach the Hone to other valuables- maybe bags too, not just keys.