Fresh connects people with great, new products

Based in San Francisco, California, fresh is a social product testing platform for innovative consumer products. Fresh launched in February 2013 to solve two equally important problems - one for consumers and one for brands. It wasn't too difficult to discover new products. But they found little to no information about the quality of those made by new and lesser-known brands. Even as these companies manufacture more easily, many still struggle to cut through the noise of a crowded marketplace. That's where fresh comes in.

Test and review innovative products

There's a lot out there to buy, and many cool and potentially life-changing products are made by new brands without established reputations. Adding to the challenge, many of these items cannot be found in stores. So how do you know what's good? fresh lets people test amazing products from the comfort of their homes and share their thoughts about them with our community. 100% of our reviews come from people who have tested them so you can trust they're legitimate.

Grow a passionate audience

Large manufacturers are no longer the only companies creating exciting new products. fresh helps small to mid-sized brands use what they do have, inventory, to gain exposure and give consumers information about quality. Our community competes to test and review products by having others sign up to try them. This generates a lot of excitement around product launches and puts them in the hands of a passionate audience, leading to higher quality reviews.